MG Warranties & Insurance

Buying an MG

Protecting Your Vehicle

There are thousands of moving parts in every vehicle and you never know what might not go your way, not to mention the thousands of motorist on New Zealand roads who also pose a danger to your new car! Get protected for your payments, vehicle GAP insurance and even warranty extensions!

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ with insurance, so it’s important that our lenders have as much information as possible in order to tailor you a lending package that suits your needs over the loan life cycle.

Buying an MG

Packaged Available to you

MG ZS EV parked at 46 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington

Extended Warranties

We provide market-leading mechanical breakdown insurance for your motor vehicle, protecting your investment from the unexpected when its outside of manufacturer cover. We have several cover options to choose from, to best match your needs.

All policies include benefits such as Travel Costs and Accommodation in the event of a breakdown (some limits apply), generous claim limits, 24/7 Roadside Assistance and cover of all major mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

Buying an MG

Financing your Car

At Gazley, our aim is to make your vehicle purchase an easy and enjoyable experience. We offer a full range of motor vehicle financing.


Dura-Seal Protection

DURA-SEAL protectants are extensively researched products that will protect your vehicle’s paintwork, leather or fabrics from the detrimental effects of constant exposure to environmental forces.